WISE gửi tặng bạn chủ đề “MATHS” trong IELTS SPEAKING – Part 1

Câu hỏi:
1. When did you start learning maths?
2. Do you like maths?
3. Who taught you maths?
4. Who’s your favourite teacher so far?
5. Is maths difficult for you to learn?
6. Do you like to use a calculator?
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Câu trả lời mẫu:
I firstly started to learn maths when I was in the first grade in primary school. I was about seven years old then.
To be honest, I disliked maths at all because there were always too many abstract formulas I had to remember. You know, I was not good at memorising things, so I often used the incorrect formula in the exams, and made lots of mistakes and got low marks as a result.
My maths teacher was an elderly woman. She was very kind and patient, but she always
tended to be demanding with us, she seemed like making the simple theory very complicated. And she liked leaving endless homework to us.
Yes, I’m afraid that I wasn’t quick at fingers. And I was also bored with these abstract formulas and found it hard to pick the appropriate ones to solve the maths problems in exams.
No, actually we were not allowed to use the calculator in class or exam because we were asked to calculate the results with pencil and paper. Therefore I’m not used to use the calculator now.
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