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Discussion and Opinion Essay, Problems and Solutions và Two – part Questions là ba dạng bài không kém phần phổ biến trong kì thi IELTS Writing Task 2. Hãy cùng WISE ENGLISH chinh phục ba dạng bài này trong bài viết hướng dẫn chi tiết cách viết Body dưới đây!

ielts writing task 2 discussion and opinion essay

I. Discussion and opinion essay

1. Cấu trúc bài viết

IELTS Writing Task 2 Discussion and Opinion Essay

2. Phân tích bài mẫu và trả lời câu hỏi

Some people think that money is the best gift to give to young people, while others think other types of gifts are better for young people. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Model answer: It can be a struggle to select an appropriate gift for a young relative or the child of a friend. While some believe that money is the best type of gift, I agree with those who suggest other gifts are more suitable.

On the one hand, many people believe that money makes an excellent present. Proponents of this view may suggest that young people already have what they need in terms of toys and gadgets and so giving them more will not be of benefit. They also argue that the young may actually learn valuable skills from the process of choosing to save or spend their money. For example, if the young person chooses to spend the money, they will learn the value of things that they wish to buy and what they can or cannot afford. This could make them more financially mature and independent.

On the other hand, I agree with those who believe that actual gifts are better than money. An important reason is that money is quite an impersonal gift since it shows no understanding of the interests of the receiver. It is therefore more appropriate to give something that shows the adult understands the desires of the young person, such as a piece of jewelry or the shirt of their favorite sports club. Furthermore, an educational gift, such as a book, or a useful gift, such as a watch, allows the young person to develop or improve his/her skills and so will be directly beneficial.

In conclusion, whereas many believe that financial gifts may increase independence and be popular, I agree with those who suggest gifts showing an understanding of the young person or which are educational are more beneficial.

Are the following statements about the structure of the essay true or false?

  • All four paragraphs in the essay are rough of equal length.
  • The introduction is much shorter than the body paragraphs.
  • The second sentence of the introduction includes the opinion of the writer.
  • The opinion of the writer is not included in the introduction.
  • The writer agrees with the position given in the first body paragraph (that money is the best type of gift for young people).
  • The writer disagrees with the position given in the first body paragraph.
  • The writer agrees with the position given in the second body paragraph (that other types of gift are better).
  • The writer disagrees with the position given in the second body paragraph.
  • The conclusion is much shorter than the body paragraphs.
  • The writer restates his/her opinion in the conclusion.

Trong bài viết Discussion and Opinion, bạn nên viết ý kiến bạn không đồng tình trong phần thân bài một và ý kiến bạn đồng tình trong phần thân bài 2. Đây là cách cấu trúc bài hiệu quả đối với dạng bài này vì nó giúp bạn dễ dàng đạt được hai tiêu chí Task Achievement và Cohesion and Coherence.

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II. Problems and solutions

1. Cấu trúc bài viết

two-part question essay sample






2. Phân tích bài viết và trả lời câu hỏi

The sentences in each body paragraph are numbered. What is the purpose of each sentence?

More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve these problems?

Body Paragraph 1

One major factor leading to the extinction of species in tropical countries is the destruction of habitat due to illegal logging. (2) Many tropical countries set aside large areas of forest as national parks, however, illegal loggers destroy these habitats to obtain rare hardwoods. (3) The orangutan, found in Indonesia and Malaysia, is a prime example of an animal being pushed to extinction because of this. (4) They are protected by law in both countries, but the jungle in which they live is cut down by unscrupulous businessmen, often with links to the government and security forces. (5) It is essential that more money is spent on recruiting and training forest rangers whose duty it is to protect natural parks. (6) However, this solution will be useless until the corrupt government officers and security forces who are involved in the trade-in rare wood are prosecuted and handed harsh sentences in order to put off other would be corrupt officials.

Which sentence(s)…

  • states a solution for the first problem?
  • states the first problem?
  • provides an example of an animal being pushed to extinction?
  • gives the cause of the problem?
  • gives supporting idea

Body Paragraph 2

(1) The second factor that damages habitats is industrial pollution in waterways that can

poison the water and eventually lead to the death of most life in the affected river. (2) Many

rivers in Europe were declared dead in the early twentieth century due to the unregulated

dumping of industrial waste. (3) However, this was turned around by waste management

laws being strictly enforced and polluting businesses being prosecuted, which clearly worked

as fish have since returned to the waterways. (4) Monitoring of waste and stricter laws needs

to be implemented in developing nations which are making the same mistakes that were

made in Europe. (5) The key to improving the situation is an investment in monitoring and

harsher penalties for those found to be breaking the law.

Which sentence(s)…

  • states the second problem?
  • gives an example of the second problem?
  • makes a link with the solution for the problem described in body paragraph 1?
  • is an example of a solution which was used in developed countries?
  • suggests the solution for the problem?
    • Which structure does the model essay in the previous activity follow?
    • Structure 1

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III. Two-part questions

1. Cấu trúc bài viết

two-part question essay sample

2. Phân tích bài mẫu

Living in large cities today poses many problems for people. What are these problems?

Should governments encourage more people to live in smaller towns?

  • Hiểu yêu cầu đề bài: Trong dạng bài này, người viết cần thảo luận cả hai câu hỏi được đưa ra. Việc trả lời hai câu hỏi sẽ giúp bạn đạt được tiêu chí Task Response.
  • Lên ý tưởng: Suy nghĩ các vấn đề thông qua các câu hỏi sau và lựa chọn 2-3 ý tưởng tốt nhất
    • What are the biggest problems for people living in a big city?
    • What causes these problems? What are the effects on people’s lives?
    • Should governments encourage more people to live in smaller towns?
    • You think it is a good idea for people to move to smaller towns.
    • You think authorities should not do so.
  • Gợi ý:

ielts writing opinion essay

Model essay:

In recent years, there have been a number of problems that people in big cities have to cope with every day. In my opinion, governments should take measures to make living outside cities more attractive.

Increasing levels of pollution has been a great reason for concern among residents of big cities. Owing to a high volume of everyday traffic, massive quantities of pollutants such as CO2 are constantly released into the atmosphere, causing the degradation of air quality. This is closely associated with various types of respiratory diseases or even lung cancer. Also, people in big cities are being bombarded with too much information from the media, including TV, social networking sites and advertisements while the large proportion of information is fake news or exaggerated commercials. This can cause confusion or, in some cases, social anarchy.

From my point of view, the government should do what they can to encourage city-dwellers to move to regional areas. First, it will reduce the number of vehicles in cities, which will definitely improve the situation where air pollution caused by traffic disturbs the lives of city residents. Furthermore, fewer people living in big cities will relieve the pressure on these cities’ housing supply systems when many people are living reluctantly in small, suffocating spaces. I think this is an extremely important point to consider because living spaces are linked to people’s mental health and how they perform at work.

In conclusion, severe air pollution and information bombardment are among the most serious problems facing city dwellers nowadays, and I feel that relevant authorities should encourage people to relocate to other areas to live.

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IV. Exercises

Write the body parts of each following task.

  • Fewer and fewer people walk on a daily basis. What are the reasons and how to encourage them to spend their time walking?
  • People today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?
  • Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Hy vọng bài viết đã giúp các bạn giải đáp được những thắc mắc liên quan đến cách viết BODY –DISCUSSION AND OPINION, PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS và TWO – PART QUESTIONS trong bài thi IELTS Writing Task 2.

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